Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Gecko!

This is Waldo, as in Where's Waldo? He's a Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko, and though he was captive bred, he's originally from Madagascar, along with our Gold Dust Day Gecko who lives next door. Waldo's living in the 28 gallon vivarium I'd originally set up for poison dart frogs, but for now I'm going to pass on the frogs because the fruit fly husbandry is not practical for me now, but maybe someday... they are really cool...

But then Waldo's really cool, too. He's a juvenile now and will get maybe 8 inches long as an adult. What sold us on his breed and getting him now was that we were paying for the juice to keep the vivarium going when it was unoccupied, and it got to where I knew we weren't going to get frogs now, but I didn't want to unplug the tank and lose the vivarium, so I found a lizard that could go right in as it was and not need another heating element and would appreciate all the freakin' hard work that went into the tank. The leaf tail is perfect! Plus we can handle him, a plus over a day gecko who would've stayed on the glass and looked at the plants but not sat on them like I'd like to see.

He is a master of disguise, too. His skin is actually rough and mossy with a mottled color scheme that's beautiful, greens, yellows grays and browns, plus he can change colors like a chameleon, too. And his head is unique, too, almost like a crocodilian, and those big eyes help him hunt at night when he's active. His first night was a hoot, he was frozen, unmoving then the lights turned off and it was like a flip of a switch and he was off exploring. At least we'll see him posing for the day, since he's a "hide in plain sight" lizard.

So, Welcome Home, Waldo!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some life and some death

Sadly we lost a pet last week (didn't want to write about it during our petsitting). Topsy, one of our sugar gliders passed away. It was a shock since they are a long lived pet, but we never knew her age exactly when we adopted her. I'm looking into ensuring their diet included everything, but I don't think diet was the cause. Turvy, our remaining one, is doing fine and seems healthy. We're taking the opportunity now to really try to bond with her and get her more adapted to us human companions, and then maybe later we'll try introducing a younger glider. They are very social animals that can die from neglect, so it's a serious undertaking. Turvy's coming around though. She crabs less and has always taken food from us. When I'm home I grab her pouch and stuff her in a homemade fleece carrier I wear. It has a larger pouch for her sleeping pouch and covers my shoulders so if she gets out and feels like marking any territory, I'm covered. Snug as a bug.

We buried Topsy under our fig tree, with a pretty Celtic stepping stone as a marker.

On the total flip side, we have baby finches that have hatched! We hear "Peep Peep Peeps!" throughout the day, and my last sneak peak in showed at least one more egg that's due to hatch. I'm holding off on their plexiglass cleaning until they're all hatched (don't want to freak the birds out and risk breaking an egg). The funny thing about these baby birds is I'm not really sure who the parents are. So far there are 3 birds sharing the duty: 2 society finches and one of the spice finches. I could very well be getting "Spice-eties" chicks, we'll just have to wait and see. The nest is pretty deep and dark so haven't gotten a good look, but I'd have to assume they're looking a little like ET right about now anyway. The cuteness comes later :)

So the circle of life is going full speed at our place. We'll miss Topsy a lot, but we're also looking forward to meeting our new babies.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 2 Report Card

For Lady Bird and Buddy, here's the progress report:

The Night at Our House: Let's just say Karma has payed us a visit. LB cried a little and we took her out to potty once along with Buddy. She cried later and we had to move her crate into the next room, but she didn't have an accident. Buddy, however, had a hard night. He couldn't figure out where to be, and often tried to be a turban on my head. Enzo wasn't a factor as he passed out at the foot of the bed and got the best sleep out of all of us. Then Buddy started heaving and we got him in the bathroom where he got sick (he seems better this evening, eating and drinking). So.... yeah, dunno how we're going to arrange things tonight, but I missed work today and I gotta go tomorrow, so it may be the Mike D. night at the kennel.

Morning Potty: Lady Bird (LB) did great and I assume Buddy made use of the door

Morning Meal: LB ate her meal, Buddy left to graze

Seclusion: Even though I called out, I thought it best I take Buddy and LB to their house and try to get caught up on sleep. Unfortunately, LB busted free again. She was a little more creative with her free time, she dragged in the Chem Lawn yard sign and shredded it, along with a circular (nothing of import, I think). She had an accident or two in the living room and dining room, but Mike and I got any stain out, you can't even tell. The good news is I'm pretty sure she stayed downstairs, as that gate was still in place. I did the gate pretty tight and took one of your rubbermaid containers in the garage as a second line of defense, but she still got a corner of the gate free and squeezed out. The funny thing is the green teddy I left in there to play with was out, so she either busted out with it in her mouth or she went back for it. At least Mike's weekend is starting so no more Home Alone for her.

Afternoon: Playing like yesterday, Buddy pigged out, good to see.

Meal: LB having her dinner now, and she's had both halves of her pill.

So, despite a bumpy night and the escaping, everyone's healthy and happy... referring to the dogs there :) The humans are grateful for friends that've done this before for us, and realize we're soooo not ready to be parents!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pix of Day 1

Report Card Check In

For Lady Bird and Buddy, here's the progress report:

Morning Potty: Lady Bird (LB) did great and I assume Buddy made use of the door

Morning Meal: LB only ate the yogurt enhanced portion of her meal, Buddy left to graze

Seclusion: Unfortunately, LB busted her way free, which I realized when I came through the door and she barked at me from the balcony. Yikes! She had a "Type 2" accident upstairs, but it was the cleanest such accident ever witnessed by me, and I used the correct spray just to erase any lingering essence. I did a very CSI walk through and found no pee stains or puddles, and I witnessed her using the doggie door both going out and coming in (don't know if that's a first). Tomorrow I plan to barricade the laundry room better, perhaps with a chair, because she didn't knock it all down, just tilted it at an angle, so something blocking that would prevent it (in theory). I'll also block the stairs in a way that in case she does break out, maybe it'll keep her downstairs.

Afternoon: LB did great potty when I came over after work. You're not kidding with Buddy having no sea legs, man! We got over to our house fine, everyone loved the backyard and made use of it often.

Meal: LB finished ALL of her food! Yeah! She's gotten both halves of the medicine (12 hours apart). Buddy is quick to claim an available lap (either of ours). Enzo and LB locked in orbit of each other, neither willing to walk away, but they seem happy. Hoping they tucker each other out and we'll put on a movie soon.

Keeping my fingers crossed that someday, hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to keep a puppy in a designated area! I have a dream!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The new Neighbor

I had to point out how Jill managed to color coordinate her doggies! I liked how Buddy and Lady Bird differ, like they're a study in opposites :) Long legs/cute stubby chubby legs, streamline ears/picks-up-satellite-signal-ears, prancing hight stepping walk/low to the ground swinging strut (you can almost hear the burlesque drum beat! Boom-bop-bop-Boom). And my favorite was Lady Bird trying to herd Buddy... that's going to be fun with Enzo!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lady Bird Has Landed

Regan's friend from college, Jill Jones, here trying out this blogging stuff. My little "Lady Bird" has joined us! I know I know the name Lady Bird is soo Texan, but I can't help it. She is a 12 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and is just adorable, well at least I think so. :-) I can't wait for her to meet cousin Enzo and Uncle Mike! Now, if I could only figure out how to submit a picture of this little darl'in.